Welcome to Diamond Valley Tai Chi

Welcome to the International Cheng Ming school of Chinese Martial Arts of Internal Kung Fu.  Administered by principle master instructor Miriam Rosewarne in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Miriam has been studying martial arts since 1988.  Miriam is both highly qualified and has current "working with children permit".

The Cheng Ming system dates back to the 1700’s and is overseen by Master Wang Fu Lai and Master Huang Shu Chin who reside in Taiwan. The system is practiced primarily for health benefits with a strong emphasis on relaxation and energy . It is classified as a “soft style martial art” but is also a highly effective system of self defense. It is suited to all age groups and all capabilities and can be practiced anywhere with a minimum of space. International Cheng Ming is a worldwide association with several schools based in Australia. Overseas organisations are in USA, Japan, Israel, France and Italy.